He holds the title of “hair care Meister”, which is only granted to someone having complete knowledge about hair care.
Among his titles, he has received the title of “Primary”, which is a title granted to those who can demonstrate professional knowledge and experience, specifically in their ability to provide sincere answers to customers’ questions.

In Japanese society, where civility is highly regarded, this title means a lot. Only a few people who stand at the top have been qualified to have this title.
In addition, his spa technique produces maximum results in aging care. Based on his own theory and advanced techniques, it heals fatigue and stress from daily life, and makes your entire body, including the mind and five senses, feel relaxed.
While valuing your identity, he will give you effective treatment using a variety of methods.
Japanese service techniques, which have been referred to as the world’s best “hospitality”, have also influenced his creations. We would like to introduce this to the world.

Hairdresser National Qualifications

Completed Japan Hair Care Meister Association, Primary Course