Treat as you style!

Many customers often worry about their hair being even more damaged and dry after applying styling products like hair wax, hair gel or hairspray. However with the DITTA hair wax range, it contains organic ingredients and works like a hair treatment. Equipped with UV protection, it is silicon free, paraben free and free of artificial coloring, gentle to customers with sensitive scalp. DITTA 3.5 for natural, long-lasting hold, DITTA 5.5 for both airy and tight styles, DITTA 7 for lifted and secured hairstyles. Treat your hair as you style it in different looks!


Moisturize for lasting gel nails!

Do you know that well moisturized and cared-for hands will prevent premature chipping and peeling of your manicures? For those who wishes to maintain their beautiful gel nails for a longer period, do try out our Rajunina hand cream. Rajunina is an anti-aging skincare range which gives your skin the resilience and elasticity, moisturizing it from within. This range also includes a skin water for clear, radiant skin and scalp water for stronger, healthier strands. The scalp water comes in 2 variations, one for dry scalp and another for oily scalp.