A new stylist have officially joined the BRANCHÉ team! Ryo spent 4 years in Tokyo and 1 year in Hong Kong at premium salons. His experience in Hong Kong helped him understand the different hair preferences and hair types and his time in Tokyo gave him the exposure to perms and latest trends.  He can do a wide variety of styles and his favourite is the natural wave perm which gives customers more volume while still keeping it manageable. Ryo is fluent in english as he studied in Canada for 1 year and attended the Vidal Sassoon haircutting course for 2 years in London.

PARAGEL vs conventional gel

Shying away from gel nails because of the potential damage that would do to your nails? Many customers have shown concern about the harsh buffing of the nail surface with each gel session that cause weakened and thinned nails. However for PARAGEL buffing is not necessary, PARAGEL preserves the natural healthy state of your nails and is a great option for repairing and growing out damaged and weakened nails. Unlike conventional gel application method which uses UV light to cure the gel, PARAGEL requires only 30 seconds under the LED para light. In addition, conventional gel polishes have the tendency to discolour and result in the separation of the colour pigments.

BRANCHÉ is the first salon in Singapore that carries and specialise in PARAGEL. First time customers are entitled to a 20% discount on nail services.





Exclusive ZENBUE haircare series

ZENBUE is BRANCHÉ salon exclusive haircare series. Founded on the mission of providing quality salon products for home use, there are 3 symbolisms in the name “ZENBUE”.
Shizen (自然): nature
Bue: beauty
Zenbu (全部): all/ everything

ZENBUE is an eco and environment friendly series. It is silicon free, artificial colouring free, preservative free and paraben free! It is mild and gentle, perfect for every hair types. There are 3 ranges; smoothing, moisture and scalp as well as a hair oil. By using the shampoo, treatment and hair oil, it will bring lasting moisture, smoothness and shine to your hair! We are having a launch promotion for a limited period only, purchase any 3 items for $150 (U.P $174).


We have reformulated our much loved DITTA hair wax to be more moisturizing and with better staying power. Not only is the packaging much more feminine and display worthy, this treatment wax is anti- pollution, non- silicon and do not include any colouring agent. It is gentle for all types of hair providing comfort and assurance throughout the day. We are sad to say that DITTA 2 is currently not available in our salon.


Do you sometimes feel that salon treatments do not last more than 2 weeks and may not be worth the money? Well unlike conventional treatments, K-GLOSS actually continues to repair your hair even after leaving the salon. With its 90% water based formula, the treatment is able to penetrate into your hair faster and give longer lasting results. K-GLOSS leaves your hair smooth, lustrous and frizz-free and allows hair colour to fade at a slower rate. Suitable for normal to chemically-processed hair, K-GLOSS protects and rebuilds your hair with the keratin and collagen infused formula.

A 40% discount on the a la carte price is given for all customers trying out K-GLOSS for the first time!