In Japan, Since received numerous experience as the store manager of Caplus nail Motoyama branch of our nail salon, numerous customers have requested and depended upon her to be their nail artist. I want my nail art to become a source of confidence for my customers, "She says,which is the motto that she lives by. It drove her daily efforts and influenced an attitude that would accept nothing less than the best from herself, leading to amazing results. She was able to pass the notoriously difficult Japanese Nailist Association exam, and obtained certification proving her mastery, knowledge,and technical skills. After,within the company she ran lectures and seminars for other nail artist, and also sat as an examiner for nail artist examinations. She has also had experience as a nail salon health management officer, JNA gel nail skill test senior, Calgel instructor, and Paragel educator. Because of her passion for nails, she has also eagerly participated in other areas related to her field, which includes hand care and foot care. She has attended seminars on operating foot care machines. Customers who are worried about their nails, or have a complex about their nails may rest easy in her care. She is a nail artist who will create a relaxing atmosphere for all her customers.