Everything in BRANCHÉ is of the highest quality.

"Yume" means "Dream", and our shampoo basin was aptly named, because it's as if you were sleeping in a luxurious bed.
Our styling areas are so spacious, you will feel like you are in a private room as you and your stylist create the perfect hair design.
Relax in our salon with the positive vibes of negative ions and the gentle murmur of a babbling brook.
Enjoy a special day in our luxurious first-class spaces, specially designed for your comfort using feng shui.



















13 Stamford road B1-33, Capitol Piazza,Singapore 178905

Tel. +65-67023036
Fax. +65-67123505

11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily

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Kai is actively attracting global attention as a representative of Japan in the world of stylists.Paving the way in the beauty industry, we have obtained all of the qualifications and titles of a beauty maker from our start of a variety of beauty techniques.Japan has, starting with China and Europe among other places, been responsible for designing the hair of many models and industry people.We don't just offer the styles of Japan, we have searched the world to learn the styles, personalities and tendencies of people from all over the world.We have established a "trend and style that is recognized world-wide", and receive overwhelming support from many celebrities and wealthy customers.Due to this support and wonderful performance, KAI is recognized all over the world.

Hairdresser National Qualification
Completed Japan Hair Care Meister Association, Primary Course
Shanghai TGC Backstage
Participated in Schwarzkopf Europe training program
Milbon Aujua Leader

hair & make clarte
First place in sales technique competition
Total sales: first place
Perfect attendance award (Ongoing since joining the Company)
Age 20: Joined Branche Ltd.
Age 22: Became the manager of Branche clarte JR Kachigawa Station South Exit Salon
Age 27: Became the general manager of three Branche clarte salons



After his debut as a hairdresser, he immediately came to the forefront because of his high agility.
He serves as Store Manager and Chief Manager.
He has been a manager for most of his long career.
His results (requested by 260 people/month) show his high technical capabilities and customer service.
His extremely high-quality skills are based on his perfect technique and excellent customer service.
His winning of the highest award in the Japanese hairdresser industry is an example of his ability.
With his skills that he polished in Japan, he has opened the door to world success now.

Hairdresser National Qualifications
Hairdresser career: 13 years
Store manager and Stylist career: 10 years
Special request sales: 2.3 million yen/month
Requested by 260 persons/month
He has received the highest award in the company .



In the 19 beauty salons in Japan, she is one of the few female store managers.
Her representation of subtle Japanese female beauty is highly praised by overseas customers in Europe, as well as in Japan.
She is always ranked in the top 10 in sales, which demonstrates her ability.
Her ideas and creativity have been supported by many of our customers.
She has produced a lot of creative works in the industry.
The beautiful styles designed by her are art, demonstrated by sophistication and high technique.

Hairdresser National Qualifications
Experience as Nyoisaru Salon Manager
Completed Japan Hair Care Meister Association, Primary Course
Request sales: within 10th place
Active in our in-house photo shooting team
Experience as an in-house perm instructor
Received training in Europe



He holds the title of "hair care Meister", which is only granted to someone having complete knowledge about hair care.
Among his titles, he has received the title of "Primary", which is a title granted to those who can demonstrate professional knowledge and experience, specifically in their ability to provide sincere answers to customers' questions.

In Japanese society, where civility is highly regarded, this title means a lot. Only a few people who stand at the top have been qualified to have this title.
In addition, his spa technique produces maximum results in aging care. Based on his own theory and advanced techniques, it heals fatigue and stress from daily life, and makes your entire body, including the mind and five senses, feel relaxed.
While valuing your identity, he will give you effective treatment using a variety of methods.
Japanese service techniques, which have been referred to as the world's best "hospitality", have also influenced his creations. We would like to introduce this to the world.

Hairdresser National Qualifications
Completed Japan Hair Care Meister Association, Primary Course



Yumi has had a very diversified and unique career as a beautician. She has many techniques limited not only hair styling, but also nail, make up and eyelash design, esthetic, traditional japanese hair/make up styling and KIMONO dressing. She was born in Hokkaido, an island located most north of Japan. She was raised in between the three big cities Sapporo,Tokyo and Osaka, and shares culture and values of each city. She graduated Aoyama women's junior college in Omotesando and the Hollywood beauty school in Roppongi. After that she worked at one of the high class Total Beauty Salon in Tokyo, near the famous Tokyo Tower. She made her debut as a beautician within only one year of joining. She has earned support from many customers across all ages (including foreigners) for the past five years. Her service and hospitality has always earned very high valuations from her customers. Please try her way of the Japanese OMOTENASHI service.



She has served as store manager and chief manager of our leading nail salon in Japan. Earned all four Crown titles as a manicurist.
She is a charismatic nail producer who creates Japanese nail art tends that get world-wide attention. She is a leader in the Japanese nail industry.
She has obtained every nail qualification from both overseas as well as in Japan.
She has also won numerous creative contests and receives offers from the media, shows and seminars.
Her individuality is derived from her personality. She immediately attracts people because of her personality and creative view of the world.
It's hard not to be a fan of such an admirable person.
Because of her integrity, she does not change her style even for world famous VIPS or celebrities.
Therefore, many of the artists, including actresses and singers and global celebrities credit her and they are looking forward to new SAFORI design.
She has spread her influence throughout the world, where she attracts attention from various fields.

Japan Nailist Association: First Grade
Japan Nailist Association: Jel Nail Test: Senior level
Japan Nailist Association certified health administrator
Australian National Qualification (53 member countries all over the world including Singapore)
Calgel educator
Paragel educator
Caplus Nail Creative sub-Manager
Caplus Nail Head Office Manager
Annual sales: No.1 (request sales, salon sales, and total sales, per customer) 
The 4th bGm Photo Contest: second place, Misuzu Taga Award
Chocolate Exhibition: Prize winner
Marc by Marc Jacobs Photo Contest: Prize winner
Held a seminar on how to take beautiful nail pictures using a smart-phone
Performed nail art as a guest nailist at the Calgel Booth
Her original design was on the Calgel Home Page
Her design was on the first issue of the nail magazine, VIENUS
Gave nail tips to singers such as Mariah Carey and AL.